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Head of Library


 Stjepka Leščić, MagEd., MagA.



The Centre for Library Information and Publication Activities is an organizational unit of the Faculty which serves the needs of science and teaching and under the direct guidance of the Dean of the Faculty. It is responsible for planning and performing the following two main activities:


  • library and information activities, including the acquisition, expert processing and maintenance of library materials, the production of newsletters, catalogues, bibliographies, and other information tools which ensure the proper use of library materials and information flow; user education for the purpose of correct use of informational resources, assisting users to select and use library materials, and record keeping with respect to the materials and their users,


  • publication activities, particularly those which include consulting, professional and collaborative tasks performed directly by the Centre’s employees for the needs of the Faculty Council’s Committee for Scientific-Educational Literature and Publication Activities in connection with the preparation, production and printing of textbooks, books, manuals, lecture notes, scientific and professional journals, as well as other Faculty publications.


The overall work and management of the Centre for Library Information and Publication Activities is directly managed by its head librarian. 

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Centar za bibliotečno-informacijsku djelatnost
Title Name and surname Phone num. Phone priv. e-mail Location
dipl. pov. Marijana Briški Gudelj e-mail  
dipl.soc. Ivan Crnjac e-mail  
dipl. bib. Suzana Ivanušić e-mail  
dipl. bib. Stjepka Leščić 3658-620 e-mail  
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