Institute of Kinesiology

The basic function of the Institute of Kinesiology is scientific research and knowledge transfer for the purpose of increasing the quality of the overall scientific, teaching and professional activities within the scientific field of kinesiology and its related scientific branches and disciplines. Members of the Institute are all of the Faculty scientists, teachers, assistants and junior researchers, as well as external associates of the Faculty. The Institute does not act as a legal person and legal dealings with third parties are handled exclusively by the Faculty. Several specific organizational units operate within the Institute:


  • The Scientific Research Centre, where basic, applied and developmental research is directly conducted, and as part of which special research laboratories are established and operating,
  • The Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Kinesiology, where knowledge is amassed (scientific and professional resources) and then transmitted to end-users in all fields of applied kinesiology by means of  teaching, lifelong education and training, conferences, publishing, studies, feasibility studies, expertises, counselling, media and other kinds of activities,
  • The Sports Diagnostic Centre, where diagnostic procedures are carried out in all fields of applied kinesiology, using both research laboratories’ and special diagnostic equipment.


The overall operation and management of the Institute is supervised and coordinated by the Vice Dean for Science, who acts its head, or by a specially appointed person from among the scientific-educational personnel of the Faculty, at the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty. This individual is directly elected by a secret ballot of the Faculty Council and on a majority vote of the total number of council members. The activities of individual centres and laboratories within the Institute are managed by appointed heads, while the organization and operation of the Institute is regulated by a special Book of Regulations issued by the Faculty Council.


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Institute for Kinesiology
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