IT Support Centre

The IT Support Centre is an independent non-teaching organizational unit at the Faculty which immediately contributes to the teaching and research process, and which is under the direct authority of the Dean. 


The overall work and activities of the IT Support Centre are directly managed by the appointed head of the Centre.

The IT Support Centre provides assistance for all research and educational employees, as well as non-teaching employees of the Faculty and other users in the following areas: planning, purchasing and servicing the information equipment and programme support; organizing and servicing the central internet services at the Faculty; maintaining the information and internet services which are necessary for the overall activities of the Faculty as an institution; administrating users and coordinating their work with CARNet and SRCE; planning the safety of the information infrastructure, videoconference communications and installing the anti-virus protection.



Tel: +385 1 3658 - 600

Tel: +385 1 3658 - 601




Head of department: Dorijan Jelinčić, BSc E.

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IT Support Centre
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Goran Đurić e-mail  
struč. spec. ing. techn. inf. Stipe Gorenjak ++38513658600 3600 e-mail  
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