The Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study of kinesiology at our Faculty is a full-time study programme which lasts for 10 semesters or 5 academic years, with a total of at least 300 ECTS credits. Upon graduating from the Integrated undergraduate and graduate university study students attain the academic title of Master of Kinesiology (mag.cin.).


Upon enrolling in the VII. semester of study, in addition to the obligatory module of Kinesiology in Education, all students enrol in one elective module of their own choice in the field of applied kinesiology: PHYSICAL CONDITIONING OF ATHLETES, FITNESS TRAINING, KINESIOLOGICAL RECREATION, SPORT MANAGEMENT or A SELECTED SPORT (athletics, basketball, football, handball, tennis...), which enables them to acquire additional qualifications for working in one of the selected fields of applied kinesiology. 


Highly educated experts in the field of kinesiology have the necessary competences to perform classes of physical education on all educational levels ranging from preschool to institutions of higher education. According to their second qualification, Masters of Kinesiology are qualified to perform planned sports activities, as well as organize trainings for selected athletes on all levels of competitive sports for children, teenagers and adult athletes. They can also organize and carry out physical conditioning for athletes of different ages and quality, fitness trainings or recreational activities, as well as provide kinesitherapeutic procedures or implement programmes for physical activity for persons with disabilities or persons with health problems. Our graduates are also qualified for conducting programmes as part of sport management. 

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