Facilities and equipment




Our teachers and students have modern teaching aids at their disposal, as well as laboratory, computer, medical and diagnostic equipment necessary for the teaching process and for their scientific research. Our indoor facilities (over 12.500 m²) include nine lecture rooms for theoretical classes, ten sports halls (a hall for methodical exercises, a hall for sports gymnastics, a hall for sports games and athletics, a room for rhythmic gymnastics and dance, two halls for contact sports, a gym and a fitness club), four classrooms for practical classes and several laboratories (for functional anatomy with teaching aids, kinesiological physiology, sports medicine, biomechanics, psychology – 20 seats, a classroom for quantitative methods, the Centre for Library Information and Publication Activities, the Sports Diagnostic Centre).


Certain contents in the teaching process (swimming, diving, water-polo, rowing, athletics, skiing, sailing) are performed on the facilities of the nearby Sports and Recreation Centre „Mladost“ and at Jarun Lake, as well as outside of the Faculty's residence – at the Adriatic coast, in the mountains or abroad.


Our Faculty has a specialized room for carrying out classes in the course Basic Kinesiological Transformations, as well as all courses which are related to physical conditioning of athletes.


Certain specialized organizational units operate within the Institute of Kinesiology. The Sports Diagnostic Centre intensively cooperates with sports associations, clubs and top-level athletes. The modern equipment enables a thorough assessment of the anthropological and athletic condition (kinesiological, psychological and sociological, functional and biochemical, and biomechanical diagnostics) of children, adolescents and adult top-level athletes, as well as other participants in kinesiological activities.


The primary assignment of the IT Support Centre is to observe and apply the achievements in information sciences, as well as to participate in the development and application of modern methodology for the needs of kinesiological research. Our IT Support Centre is one of the first information centres at the University and within CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network), which provides our Faculty with internet access and connects it with the rest of the world.






The space for learning theory at the Faculty of Kinesiology is organized in 5 lecture rooms with state-of-the-art equipment (computers, wireless, LCD projector) enabling teachers and students to conduct up-to-date and modern teaching processes. Moreover, the Faculty has
two amphitheaters with video conferencing equipment, making it possible to have remote teaching along with more traditional methods.
The Faculty Library is an active participant in the teaching process. It has two reading rooms: one for reading serial publications (magazines) and reference materials; the other is equipped with computers and wireless facilities, making it possible for students to have group work and discussions.



Practical teaching at the Faculty of Kinesiology is provided in several halls, specifically intended for methodic exercises, sports gymnastics, sports games and athletics, rhythmical
gymnastics and dance, and contact sports. There is also a gym, an exercising room, a biomechanics laboratory (also used for judo classes), a fitness and aerobics hall.




For teaching and scientific/research work, students and teachers are provided with laboratories for functional anatomy with teaching aids, kinesiological physiology,
sports medicine, biomechanics, psychology, a classroom for quantitative methods, the Diagnostic Center.


Some study contents (swimming, diving, water polo, rowing, athletics, skiing, sailing) are performed on the facilities of the nearby “Mladost” Sports and Recreation Center and at the Jarun lake, as well as outside the seat of the Faculty – at the Adriatic coast, in the mountains
or abroad.




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